گفت‌وگوی ویژه با عمر صدر، نویسنده و پژوهشگر سیاست Aug 3, 2022 Watch

Noah Coburn in Conversation with Omar Sadr on Politics and Pluralism

May 13, 2022 Watch

Negotiating Rights Under Religio-Chauvinist Rule of the Taliban -Dr. Omar Sadr with Mara Kolesas

Feb 18, 2022 Watch

Frank Islam speaks with Omar Sadr

Jan 23, 2022 Watch

On Afghanistan 20 Year on

Dec 7, 2021 Watch

SAI-SAM panel discussion on Afghanistan

Nov 17, 2021 Watch

Omar Sadr, Research Fellow, University of Pittsburgh in conversation with Cmde C Uday Bhaskar

Nov 7, 2021 Watch

Special Panel on Afghanistan: Online Conference on Reimagining citizenship in South Asia

Oct 24, 2021 Watch

The Afghanistan Conundrum: Future Options

Sept 15, 2021 Watch

Omar Sadr’s Remarks: USIP Online Event–In Search of Peace for AFG: Historical Perspectives

May 31, 2021 Watch

Mehwar - Role of Afghan Youth in Peace

May 27, 2021 Watch

Future of Afghanistan; Implications for Region

April 28, 2021 Watch

Afghanistan’s Political History Discussed with Analysts

March 13, 2021 Watch

Brookings: New Voices from Afghanistan

Jan 12, 2021 Watch

MEHWAR: Discussion on Democracy, Islamic Republic System

Jan 16, 2021 Watch

HONAR: Experts Discuss Arts’ Relation with Politics

Dec 18, 2020 Watch

گفتگوی اختصاصی با دکتر عمر صدر، در مورد کنفرانس امنیتی هرات

Nov 10, 2020 Watch

Launch of the Farsi Translation of the book A History of the Tajiks: Iranians of the East

Oct 21, 2020 Watch

گفتگوی ویژه با دکتر عمر صدر، پژوهشگر و استاد دانشگاه آمریکایی

June 15, 2020 Watch

پارادکس‌های دموکراسی

June 1, 2020 Watch

2 لیبرال دموکراسی با دکتر عمر صدر

May 13, 2020 Watch

GOFTMAN: What is 'technocracy' and 'who is a technocrat?'

April 9, 2020 Watch

Panel Discussion on “Afghan Peace Process; The way forward”

Sept 26, 2019 Watch

کتاب‌ها با شما چه کردند؟ / دکتر عمر صدر، پژوهشگر

May 29, 2019 Watch

DEBATE: Afghan Youth's Role In Peace Process

April 14, 2019 Watch

Religious Radicalism: The case of Taliban - Dr Omar Sadr

Jan 9, 2019 Watch

Omar Sadr talking about Mahmud Tarzi

Feb 27, 2019 Watch

GOFTMAN: Discussing Peace Process in Afghanistan

May 23, 2018 Watch

GOFTMAN: Indonesia Conference On Afghanistan Discussed

May 16, 2018 Watch

The Decline of Civilisation

August 29, 2017 Watch

Ramin Jahanbegloo and Omar Sadr on Civil Society in Afghanistan

Feb 15, 2017 Watch
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